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That is WONDERFUL that you've gone a few days without the need to harm yourself.  I am very happy for you!  (:D

I am also very happy that you plan on sticking around here.  There's plenty of room in this lifeboat and welcome aboard!


My heart goes out to you- feeling boxed in with no doors is a tough way to live.  Both Dini and LIzzie have great suggestions.  I have not too much more to offer except another set of "ears" to listen and jump in where I can.  But I went through a divorce from a man I was staying married to for reasons that I am not sure of and leaving took so much out of me I was not sure it was worth it or that I would survive.  I am here to say it was worth it and I not only survived I triumphed.  I left a beautiful home, all the toys - cars, boats, motorcycles etc and moved into a 2 room 3rd floor walk up with second hand furniture and I was as happy and content as I have ever been.  My life is so much better now and I could not imagine myself being in such a good place when I left.  If you have any type of Women's Support groups in your area they can be most helpful.

Hang in there and keep coming here - we all care!

Thank you so much for listening and caring.
I will try to keep all of the thoughts and reasonings that I have read here with me.
Just knowing that there are people that care truly helps.
Although I'm sure it will take time, I will give it my best.
Thank you again.
Take care.


Doing our best is the best any of us can do.

And hey, no reason to "driftaway" OK?

Stick around.  Use this as a sounding board in good times and bad.  You are valued here.

I just can't believe how great you all are being.
Never had so much support so quickly.
Cry every time I read the messages.
But it's a good cry.
Thank you.
Take care.


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