Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

0. Is SelfhelpMagazine a type of Psychotherapy?

SelfhelpMagazine is an educational magazine, and not intended to be any form of psychotherapy, a replacement for professional services, nor a substitute for a licensed professional. Psychotherapy is a very involved process that must be tailored to your specific needs by a professional. If you believe you may have a serious disorder described in the magazine, do not attempt to self-treat based on the information contained herein, or self-medicate. Please seek the counsel of a licensed professional in your geographical area. Also do not make any life-altering decisions based on what you read on our website. Proceed at your own risk.

7. Getting Professional Help You Can Afford

What if you need help from a professional but don't have the funds to pay for it?

If your employer does not offer mental health benefits, here are a few suggestions. (This is not an exhaustive list.) Talk with your physician. Often, a physician can give you an appropriate referral. Many communities have low-cost psychotherapy available at mental health agencies, affiliated with religious organizations (churches or YMCA's, YWCA's,) or through local universities (especially those that train psychotherapists). The United Way is often a good source of community resources. Give them a call and ask for specific referrals for the type of issue of concern to you.

Also, feel free to contact the national professional agencies, such as the American Psychological Association (800-374-2723), American Psychiatric Association, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (202-429-1825,) the American Association of Social Work, or a chapter of mental health professionals in your local county. Ask for referrals in the price range you can afford.

8. Are your articles peer reviewed? Does anyone review Resources listed in SelfhelpMagazine?

All articles published through SelfhelpMagazine are reviewed by a team of at least 2 licensed mental health practitioners before being published.

The editorial staff attempts to review all other resources listed in the magazine. However, due to the nature of the Web, it is a monstrous task to review all sections of all resources. If you find something offensive about any one of the resources, please contact the owner of the website that concerns you, and forward us a copy of your letter to them by sending it to our Editor-in-Chief. Please be sure your letter contains the Web address (URL) of the website in question. If we get enough negative reactions to the resource in question, we will delete them from our list. However, we ask that you use our Resource Department at your own risk, and communicate directly with the individuals whose websites have offended you.

9. Confidentiality

Who has access to anything you post online through our magazine? Everyone. Since the Internet is not secured for privacy in many ways, it is uncertain who may have access to your private message to us. To protect yourself, please don't leave any identifying information on our pages. If you choose to contact us or leave information in our Discussion Zone, make your comments general, and don't expose information about yourself that you wouldn't want others to know.

Private answers cannot be guaranteed. Over the years, people with less-than-good-intentions have taken the liberty of collecting our email addresses and re-sold them to spammers. We therefore get thousands, yes thousands, of spam emails per day. We have been forced to protect ourselves from their self-serving efforts by equipping our servers with anti-spam filtering software. Sometimes, your email simply isn't going to get through to us. If that is the case, use one of the forms created for communication with us on the website and or leave a message for the SHM Staff in the 1 Time Announcement Forum in the Discussion Zone.

If you are concerned about anonymity, please be advised that many servers (ours included) get hacked. Hackers are known to be able to collect addresses of people who visit sites on the Internet. Your anonymity could be compromised when you communicate with us.

If you are have a general question about our publication, please call the magazine's founder at 858-277-2772 and leave a full description of your question on the voicemail system. Also include all possible information about how and when to best reach you. An effort will be made to return your call if you live in the United States. Please remember, we are not available to answer your personal questions.