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Four Basic Ways to Create Authentic Happiness

The mind is the molder of our personal and communal world. The mind can create authentic happiness. Every event we perceive through our senses is analyzed, evaluated and registered in the mind as pleasant, unpleasant or neutral. Our belief systems seek to determine whether each perceived input is something, which will "protect" or "endanger" our security, self-worth and/or freedom. When life’s events are interpreted by our programmed mind as threatening, fearful or unpleasant, we experience a state of anxiety and tension. When anxiety and nervous tension become a chronic situation, then the body and mind are gradually worn down into a state of weakness and ill health. A psychosomatic illness is created. The energy flow, concentration and clarity of the mind are disturbed. Organs begin to malfunction. Negative emotional states such as depression, bitterness, fear, anger, hate, envy, jealousy and resentment dominate the mind. Our relationships begin to deteriorate and a feeling of alienation can set it. It is time for "Attitude Therapy."

Is Rest and Relaxation a Waste of Time? Hardly!

Relaxing regularly and deeply is the perfect remedy for your stress management toolbox. The World Health Organization predicts that stress-related disorders and psychological disorders will be the second leading cause of disabilities in the world by 2020. The good news is that we can each take action to prevent and/or cope with stress. It’s time to take stress seriously and learn to do things that really release stress and result in reducing muscular tension, regulating blood pressure and even relieving pain.

Temper, Temper: How to Keep Your Cool When Kids Push Your Buttons

Kids grow up watching you for a living, and let’s face it, they learn pretty quickly how to push your buttons. It might be back talk, or constant complaining or eye-rolling, but whatever the behavior, nearly every parent will occasionally lose their temper with their kids. Regardless of the situation it is important to keep your cool. Many parents control their emotions most of the time. However, many don’t manage their emotions well, either occasionally or chronically. This article is for parents who struggle with keeping their emotions in check. In this discussion, “losing your temper” is generally defined as: yelling at kids, calling them names, slamming things on the counter, giving bigger consequences than are needed, and refusing to meet basic needs, such as by saying, “No supper tonight.”

The Parenting Advice that Can Help Everyone

When my daughter was born they said she had a small hearing loss that could escalate as she got older. I was not given any specific parenting advice but I decided that I should be proactive. From the time I brought her home from the hospital I began showing her the vowel sounds. You know, a - e - i - o and u. I would press my lips to hers and say the different vowel sounds in a very slow methodical way.

Dragging out each letter for about five seconds. I was thrilled when she mimicked me and did it back. The first thing I made sure she saw from me when she awoke every morning was a big smile to let her know that I was thrilled to see her. I even did this if she awoke crying. When I spoke I made sure it was in a very quiet pleasant voice. I touched her often, hugging her and stroking her hand, back or hair. What I did not do is make her hug, kiss or be held by me or anyone else if she did not want to. This was the beginning of my teaching her that you do not have to do or allow anything to happen to you that you don't want. I did not want to teach her that this is rude.

Happiness is A Choice

The inmates I work with at the state penitentiary have very few choices. The young guys complain about being told what to do or being treated inconsiderately or losing privileges while the old timers just smile. They know those things carry no weight. They've taught me that one basic choice no one can take is their ability to choose happiness. They know that happiness isn't a result of doing what you want or receiving what you request or being in control. Happiness is a response to life. It doesn't matter what the day's events may be, you can always choose happiness. In that sense happiness isn't a feeling but a life stance. Happiness doesn't result from an occurrence over which we have no influence or even after a self-defined "victory".

What Are Friends For?

In recent years, researchers have been busy proving scientifically what we've all known -- that friends are good for us.

A Maryland study quoted in the August 2007 issue of the popular magazine Better Homes and Gardens found that people with ten or more friends suffered half the disabilities or health problems experienced by those with only two friends. Clearly, the more the merrier! Another study referred to in the same article addressed frequency of interactions with friends.

Anger, Do We Have a Choice?

With the economy in bad shape and job security seemingly nonexistent it is of no surprise that anger-related, issues such as domestic violence have increased. However, why is anger the culprit? We all experience anger at one time or another, yet only a fragment of us who do experience anger go on to act on it.

It is important to note that there is a difference between anger as a feeling and anger as a behavior. The former hardly ever results in negative consequences while the latter does. Feeling anger is part of being human. Very few will ever know how an individual feels in an exact sense unless it is acted upon (Hence, actions speak louder than words).

The Secret Is Letting Children Have Fun Play Times

Here in the paradise of Mexico, I observed two very different children, one Mexican, one American, both about four years of age. The Mexican boy was obviously not from Puerto Vallarta but some inland village. He was clearly enjoying fun play with his sisters. He and two older sisters were exploring the beach in one of its most dangerous places. This area is not a beach at all, but a rocky, boulder-strewn minefield. I wouldn't walk in that tangle of stones even if the tides were out, and there were no waves. But on this day, the tides were lapping at the rocks which were wet and covered with slippery moss.

Want a Long Life?

The secret to long life is no longer a secret! Here's what to look out for if you're a male and live in the United States. Select your age group, look at the leading causes of death for those around you and take the preventative steps suggested. Beat the odds for your age by thinking about your own versions of these prevention ideas, too. Take action today.

Why Do People Cheat?

Why Do People Cheat

At the heart of most people's relationship insecurities is a fear of infidelity. The dishonesty and betrayal can be too much to bear, and a significant portion of marriages end when infidelity is revealed. Infidelity, however, remains common. Slightly under half of men and women admit to at least one instance of unfaithfulness. Infidelity is so common that some marriage and sex experts have argued in favor of loosening the rules.