Submission Guidelines

SelfhelpMagazine (SHM) is a service-oriented, self-help and educational magazine published to promote the understanding of research-based information about  the human condition, relationships, and happiness. As you know, SHM explores a range of topics related to human behavior, particularly what-to-do lists of solutions for people grappling with a particular circumstance. Although many psychologists and other mental health professionals read SHM, most of our readers are simply intelligent and curious people interested in how to improve their lives, or those of their loved ones.

What We Seek

We are looking for clearly articulated how-to articles: short on problem descriptions, and long on problem solutions. Any subject related to psychology is fair game. We value originality, insight, and good reporting. We appreciate alternative views from different schools of thought. Research-based articles are also our preference.

We don't publish poems or short stories, and we no longer consider short first-person accounts of psychological illness or recovery.

Write to Us with Your Ideas

Please send us your ideas for articles prior to writing the article. Search SelfhelpMagazine to get a sense of form, content and style. You may want to start by looking at our Article Department and seeing if we already carry articles similar to the one you have in mind. If we do, but you have a different approach to solving the reader's dilemma when they seek answers to their questions, then please submit the URL of the article you found on our site, and explain how your article would be different or better.

Better yet, if you can write something that we haven't already discussed, send your idea to our Editor-in-Chief and we will happily help you carve out a topic that will be maximal interest to our readership.


It can take up to eight weeks before you see your work online. If you need something rushed, we will try to accommodate, but can't promise. With a volunteer staff, we just ask and wait. Oftentimes, though, our awesome staff is happy to accommodate special requests. If you are asking for such service, please be sure you've printed up this page and checked off each and every requirement. 

Please Send Your Submission by Email

All photographs, tables, figures, or charts must also be submitted in electronic form. Handwritten or typed materials will not be accepted, except as additions to help with formatting suggestions. Always include them with your submission for the editor's files. Send submissions directly to our Editor-in-Chief. Due to the amount of queries we receive our staff is not able to respond to all mail.

Licensing of Your Work

As one of our authors, you will retain copyright to your work, and grant Pioneer Development Resources, Inc, (herein referred to as "PDR") the publisher of SelfhelpMagazine, non-exclusive license to reproduce your work. Our attitude is to live and let live, prosper and let prosper. Please read, sign and mail the Author Agreement by regular surface mail to our Editor-in Chief. (The street address is to be found in the agreement itself).

Financial and Legal Responsibilities

Please be careful. Our goal is to help and not hurt people. The Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct published by the American Psychological Association must be followed in all respects related to your submission. Responsibility for copyright violation and/or breach of client confidentiality rests entirely with you. We are happy to carry a link to your website, and ask that return the favor by linking from your website in some fashion, to our website. The more links we each get to our respective sites, the better for each of us.  The link out from our site to yours will carry a disclaimer, informing the reader that they are leaving our website. We carry this disclaimer because we cannot be responsible for controlling your interactions with our readers, and in our agreement with you (see link below), we ask that you assume responsibility for any direct contact you have with readers coming from our website. For this same reason, we do not carry your email address. Because we carry popular and relevant articles for long periods of time, we also cannot assume the responsibility for updating your biographical information as the years go on. Please be sure to provide us only information that is stable and will not require us to make costly changes in the future. We also ask that you keep us informed of email and other contact information that might change. We ask that you keep us informed of your changes because often receive requests from other publishers who might want to re-print your work. If we cannot reach you privately, we cannot forward their request onto you, and you will miss out on potentially lucrative reprinting opportunities. Once again, please read our Author's Agreement carefully for full details, sign and return to Dr. Maheu.


Minor editing license may be taken by the editors without prior approval. Submissions requiring extensive editing will be returned to the sender for rewriting, or not accepted.

Product Advertisements

We all know the difference between advertisements and educational articles. If you'd like to advertise a product, please consider joining a large product affiliate group, such as ClickBank, <>, where your product will be made available to over 100,000 affiliate members. If you join their network, please contact us to let us know your product number, and we will review it for inclusion in our magazine.
Regular SHM Staff members are compensated with a free advertising page where they are allowed links out to their professional websites, and other valuable opportunities, including video introductions. Join our family and  we can all help one another. Further...if you'd like to promote a product or service, please consider participating on an SHM Teleseminar, where one of our staff members will interview you by telephone for our SHM audience, develop the interview into a podcast and ebook(s), and promote the package as one of our Affiliates. Contact our Affiliate Department for more information.
Please read our Style section below, then complete, sign and mail the agreement linked below.

Thank you! 

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